Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Conditioner Experiment Gone Wrong...LOL

So I just finished washing my hair and trying to deep condition my that was a complete bust! lol! After stepping out of the shower to deep condition my hair I headed to the kitchen to open the coconut milk. Mind you this is my first time trying it out.... I knew it was kinda soupy so I added some VO5 condish to it. I added a lot but that still didn't do the trick. So I added some coconut oil and castor oil to the mix. So altogether I had coconut milk, VO5, coconut oil, and castor oil all mixed together in a bowl. Looking back I shouldn't have added the coconut oil. Still the mix was very, very watery. I went to the bathroom thinking oh well let me still put the mix in my hair....bad idea. I put the mix all over my head and it was dripping everywhere! lol! I couldn't help but laugh at myself. The mixture stayed in my hair all of 3 minutes before I hopped back in the shower to rinse it out. My hair was soft and it felt very conditioned while I rinsed. I still haven't added my leave-in to my hair yet. I may not need to because my feels like I already have a leave-in conditioner in my hair...Go Figure! lol I will try this again, but I will mix it with something a little thicker...maybe honey. I also used a lot of it so next time I won't use so much. I took some pics of my hair right now just for fun!


Sunshyne said...

Oh thats not too bad! At least your hair felt nice afterwards. Your hair journey is all about experimenting and having fun!!

Hair Gurl said...

Yeah I loved my hair afterwards!