Saturday, October 04, 2008

The "Drink More Water" Declaration

Water.... it's good for the human body so why don't I drink it? lol...It's not nasty...I'm just not a big water fan. With so many different flavors of juices and teas water kinda gets the cold shoulder from me. Sidenote: I love Lipton's Green Tea!! Back to water...I am declaring right now on 10/4/2008 to at least drink 3 cups of water a day. I know the recommended amount is 6-8 or 8-10, but I wanna start off small and then build up. I am trying to build a healthier me and this will be one of my many steps..Do you drink enough water? If not, why not join me in this challenge? : )
Some of the health benefits include:
-healthy skin and hair
-flushes toxins
-produces more energy
-lowers the risk of infection, diseases, etc.

Now let the challenge begin!

Oh yeah and I also found this cute ice tray from I need all the motivation I can get! lol


Traycee said...

I love water...I drink about 10 to 12 cups a day...I didn't always drink water like this until a couple of years ago when I stopped drinking soda..

Everything change when I stopped drinking soda

Sunshyne said...

Water is sooo important. Its great for flushing out toxins. I drink about 8 glasses a day...

Hair Gurl said...

Thanks ladies...I'm just not that into water. I am learning