Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Relaxer Results!

I self-relaxed yesterday and I used Vitale. I love that relaxer because it gets my roots very straight! Still not apl...I thought my hair was longer but...Anyway here are the pics.

Wet Shot after Oct. 08 Relaxer (scraping apl with some strands)

After using my new FHI flat iron! (BTW, this is the best flat iron I've ever had!)

In this pic my hair looks like it's the same length as my last relaxer. Like 5 or 6 strands are touching apl... (sigh)


be-you-tifulfaces said...

Your hair looks nice and healthy. You'll be at APL with dry hair in no time!

LaQT said...

You are well on the way to full APL. I love how thick your hair is. I'm working on that. HHG!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

Do you have any other pics of your hair aftering using your FHI? I am really trying to talk myself into buying one for myself.

jmilz86 said...

ur hair looks great! glad u like the FHI. i am placing my order tonite! BTW i love ur "fav bun" it is too freaking cute

Hair Gurl said...

Be-you-tifulfaces: Girl I hope so! It's taking longer than I thought.

Laqt: My hair is not as thick as it used to be...I'm working on trying to make it thicker...what a challenge that is! lol

Anonymous: Hey the other FHI flat iron pics are up! Check 'em out!

Jmilz86: Thanks girl! I hope you like your flat iron as much as i like it. It tamed my crown area! lol