Thursday, December 11, 2008

CD Spotlight: 808s and Heartbreak

This is my cd of the moment and I usually don't have many...this is only reserved for cds I can play all the way through....basically meaning I have to love and feel every song (or almost every song) on the cd... I don't like skipping around from song to song because I'm not feeling a particular song. I love this cd because of it's originality and Kanye West really takes us through the pain of a breakup...the beats and his voice are sick! I can really relate to this cd. I liked him as a rapper and now I like him as So right now...I'm on my 808s and Heartbreak. :-) Check it out! -K.D.


Naturally Beautiful said...

Yes, I love this album. I have to abmit it had to grow on me. But after hearing 'Street Lights' on Grey's Anatomy I was hooked.

Hair Gurl said...

I am loving this album! It's puts me a certain mood...hard to explain it. :-)