Monday, December 15, 2008

Summer...Come Back!

Yesterday we actually had nice weather. The temperature was around 70 degrees.... When I stepped outside, I closed my eyes (yes that's how good it felt outside!)and reminisced about favorite season. I love summer and I miss it terribly....:-( I'm not into cold weather at all. I literally try to stuff everything I've been dying to do into those short 3 months of summer. I do like spring too, but in this area there is no such thing. There's summer and there's winter....that's it!
I'm anxiously awaiting warm weather and flip flops again. To help me deal with winter, I think I'm gonna start planning summer '09 now! :-)


Casual Butterfly said...

I can't agree with you enough about the cold weather! It's been in the 20's the past two days & I'm in Texas. Wtf? :-/ -lol-

Jmilz86 said...

I got a glimpse of warmth yestrday too! Now it is gona and its rainy! I harbor a certain pang of hate for all the seasons for various reasons, but Summer I can tolerate for the most part b/c its my bday season!

Hair Gurl said...

Casual Butterfly- I know! I can't stand cold weather. I live for the summer!

JMilz86-Yeah, it's my bday season too!!! Maybe that's why I love it so much?!?