Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pretty In The Shower!

Good evening girls, I missed you all!!! I've been sick ever since last Wednesday-had the flu and it was the pits. I'm still feeling very weak, but I wanted to do a quick post on these pretty pinkalicious ear plugs. They're called Sleep Pretty in Pink Women's Ear Plugs. I got them from CVS for about $5 I think....Of course I could've gotten the regular ear plugs, but I couldn't resist getting these. They were so girly and cute! And they're pink! lol These are great if you wash your hair in the shower like I do. The plugs really prevent water from going down your ears so they are definitely worth picking up! Since I'm prone to ear problems (sucks), I'll be doing a few more posts about possible ear problems while washing in the shower. Okay, going back to sleep now... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Good post! I've been dealing with swimmer's ear for the past few years due to washing my hair in the shower, and ear plugs/drops don't seem to help much...I'm looking forward to more posts on this subject!