Monday, May 25, 2009

Introducing Oceana-Natural Hair Inspiration!

Good evening Hair Gurls! I want to introduce you to one of my best friends...Oceana! I love her hair and after seeing her pics you will too. lol. She's definitely an inspiration to anyone who wants to go natural or just grow healthy hair in general. Personally, everytime I see her hair I want to go natural.... :-) Read Oceana's hair story in her words! Natural Stylin' I try to wear it natural and up a lot. I wash and condition with Pantene Pro-V relaxed and natural. Its cheap but it works. I can actually feel my hairs moisture rejuvenate itself. I used to use protein based deep conditioners Doo Gro (which helped my hair grow dramatically) but I had a bad experience after leaving it in to long so i never used it again. I towel dry, but not too much. Separate my hair in small section and apply Softee Indian hemp and a touch of coconut oil from root to tip. I twist each section and put it in a bun and im out the door. Sometimes I use Cantu Shea Butter no drip hair and scalp oil. It smell great! But Im starting to notice that when I wash my hair it leaves a build up. It take too long to get my hair clean. Even when I use a clarifying shampoo. So I think I'm gonna stop using it. Straight Stylin' I live in Texas and having natural hair and trying to wear it straight is a battle. When I do wear it straight I only use ceramic flat irons (they work the best against humidity). I wash with a clarifying shampoo first depending on if I feel any build up, and then I wash and condition with Pantene Pro-V relaxed and Natural. I towel dry and spray Silk Elements Megasilk heat protection spray with Olive oil in the green bottle. They have another kind without olive oil and it makes your hair smell like alcohol. I blow dry with a BRUSH In small sections to straighten it as much as possible. I dab a small amount of CHI silk Infusion its 20 dollars for a very small bottle but it makes your hair feel like silk...literally. And it smells good. I would suggest the CHI flat iron or the generic brand (which is still pricey but worth it) to anyone. The SECRET to using this product is to have the CLEANEST hair possible when using it. If you have an overload of product on your hair it wont get your hair straight or it will just burn it out all together. If my ends are brittle and I don't want to cut, I use a small amount of Silk Elements Glossing polish for my ends. Its help to give me an overall moisturized look without my hair being GREASY and weighed down. Hair Motivation Bottom line is this ladies...don't do what everybody tells you to do. Experiment and do what works for your hair type. People say don't use grease, flat irons, curling irons...whatever. But if something works for you DO IT. I use Indian hemp and my hair went from my shoulders to the middle of my back. Im obviously doing something right. ALSO I asked God to help my hair grow. That works too! lol Good luck growing!


LaQT said...

Great hair inspiration. I see why she blow you away. Her hair is gorgeous.

Courtney!;* said...

her hair looks amazing!
great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Hair! Such an inspiration.

K.D. said...

Yes, Oceana's hair is beautiful! In person it's even more amazing! ;-)