Friday, July 03, 2009

VS So Sexy Condish ; )

I finally tried Victoria Secret So Sexy Conditioner! I know I'm extremely late, but better late than never. :-)
This is everything I heard it would be. The smell is divine and it lingers in your hair for DAYS. It smells sooooooo nice (had to say it again). I purchased the kind for dry and damaged hair. The conditioner left my hair extremely soft. I even used some one day as a leave in conditioner. My fiance thought I had a perfume until I told him it was my hair. :-) It was $10 which is an alright price. I usually pay a little less for conditioner, but it's cool.
Victoria Secret is having a sale right now 3 for $24. It's definitely something the man in your life will appreciate. :-)


LaQT said...

Yeah, ITA. This is the "freakum dress" of conditioners. I have the VS Nourishing Conditioner, I think that's the one you have. I bought the instant detangler, the balancing conditioner and the serum last year during the 3/$21 sale. They do have a great scent.

K.D. said...

I like that phrase..."freakum dress of conditioners" Yes, this is a great condish and I'm in love with the smell!