Saturday, October 17, 2009

Looking For a New Hair Style?

Check out this Youtube video by this beauty on the transitioning hair styles she's come up with. Although I'm not transitioning to natural she has a lot of cool styles that I wouldn't mind trying. What do you think? -K.D.


Eternally Fixated said...

luvv this blog! good info!
pls chk out our fashion style & celebrity gossip blog!

blkprincess87 said...

I love those hairstyles. I will be checkin back at her videos once my hair gets longer. Can't wait = )

LaQT said...

I have actually have been watching her for awhile. She is very creative in her styling for natural hair. Lots of great tips and techniques!!

K.D. said...

@EF- Thanks girls! I'll def. check out your blog!

@BP- Yeah i love them too, my hair is not long enough for the side bun she

@Laqt- I'm glad I found out about her, she gave me a lot of good ideas!