Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Lists Anyone?

Hey gurlies!
I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner! The hubs and I have put up the Christmas tree and decorated the apartment. I love putting up Christmas decorations. Time is certainly flying by. I didn't really make a list this year because I really just didn't feel like it. So much stuff is going and I really haven't thought about what I really want. Right now, I'm enjoying the Christmas shopping I've been doing for my family : D.
For some reason I can't think of any of the hair products and toys I want for Christmas. All year I've been saying "I'm going to ask for this for Christmas" and now I can't remember wanting anything but Caruso Rollers.....Grrrrr. Oh yeah and I still haven't bought a hair dryer. I hope to get one soon...I'm just not sure I want that on my list.
Will you ladies be buying your hair any presents or putting products on your Christmas List?
What are ya'll hoping for?
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