Friday, February 26, 2010

*Update* 2010 Hair Resolutions!

Here's an update on my hair resolutions. Hey nobody is I'm getting there. -2/26/10

Okay so I'm still not done with my hair resolutions, but I'm going to be checking in at least every month so the list just doesn't get pushed under the rug. haha I really want to complete everything on my list. :-)

Happy New Year Hair Gurls!!! :D That's me getting ready to go out with the hubs for New Years. I curled my hair using a curling iron and I was really feeling the way it came out. We went to a party in D.C. and had so much fun! (until all of the fights broke out, lol)

So let's get to my hair resolutions...... 1. Moisturize and seal my hair with oil everytime it's dry. I slacked on this in '09... Check! 2. Continue to wash and deep condition my hair 1-2 times a week. Check! 3. Do more search and destroys. I can't remember the last time I did one of these..... : \ Still have not done this yet....i'm working on it though. ;-) 4. Buy more hair accessories. My current hair toy stash is I've bought one headband! Yeah! Will post a pic of it.... 5. Reach apl (arm pit length hair) and then move towards bsl (bra strap length). :D I'm working on it.... hopefully this hard work pays off! :D 6. Try (note: keyword "try") to only flat iron every other relaxer. Again, the keyword is try. lol (FAIL! You guys just saw my recent flat iron photos so.....maybe next relaxer) 7. Continue to relax every 8-10 weeks. I'll be relaxing sometime in the middle of March. 8. Finally, make an appointment for a dominican blow-out (rollerset and blow out of roots only). No money to do this right now.... :-( 9. Keep protective styling. It's boring, but it works. Check! 10. Continue to try out new hair styles! This is such a must. :-) I need to try a new style ASAP! 11. Experiment with oiling my scalp with evco (extra virgin coconut oil). Still haven't done this... I know, I know......
12. Buy a new blow dryer! Still working on this... So that's it! Let's make 2010 our year! :D
How are you guys doing on your hair resolutions? Updates?


LaQT said...

Great goals. The flat ironign ne should come really easy. My tip is to plan your protective styles week by week and only do a style a week that way before you know it, you've went a whole relaxer cycle without flat ironing. Once I relax I create a 10-11 wk list of pstyle that I want to try. I wear it straight for 1-2 wks then pstyle for the next 9 weeks unless hubby has a "sleeknsmooth" request.
We are so on the same page. My goals are very similar especially reaching FULL APL/BSL.

K.D. said...

Thanks! That's a great tip.:D I never thought of planning the style week by week. I like to switch up my hair, especially if i have somewhere to go. I usually wear my hair down in a braid out or curly. I think i could maybe do 2 styles a week. We're gonna chase apl down!!! lol

LaQT said...

I think that will work out for you just fine. For me it helps me when I feel flat iron-weak. I have my styles already picked up and if I change it up midweek it's still with p-styling. I plan my straight weeks out, too, depending on plans. For me this is easy b/c I am never stuck with a bad hair day b/c I always know the plan and if things don't go as planned I have bobby pins and a head band.

auntie said...

Hey neice, luv the site! You have always had long beautiful hair! I have to work with KeeKee's! I still relax every 8 to 10 weeks but had to give up the flat iron; tried all kinds of protectants; still got too much breakage. Been using the Roots of Nature shea butter green tea moisturizer I found at Walmart; love it! Great stuff! Since you recommnend the VO5 products (luv their prices), getting ready to buy a clarifying shampoo. Can't seem to get rid of the oil buildup on the scalp.

K.D.@HairGurl said...

@auntie- Thanks Diane! :D I wouldn't say I've always had long & beautiful hair. lol, I had split ends for years! I've heard of the Roots of Nature stuff. Was it expensive? You can never go wrong with V05. Their stuff is a $1!