Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Salon Magic: TAG Concept Salon

THE COLOR! The color of her hair really compliments her skin....
How bangin' is this woman's hair?!! As soon as I saw this article on the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I had to post the photos here. I love the thickness & the COLOR of Lashima Tate's hair. She's pictured here in these photos getting her hair done at TAG Concept Salon in Atlanta by the co-owner Tracy Robertson. This salon caters to women with natural hair-meaning they don't use any chemicals to achieve straight hair. TAG even has it's own line of products -free of sulfate and methylparaben. :-)
Here's the salon's site if you're in the Atlanta area. I know I normally don't shout out salons, but this one truly deserved it after I saw these photos. The article says they plan on opening more locations in Washington, D.C. & Dallas. That makes perfect sense because D.C. is booming with naturals! I wish I had a salon as a back up to me doing my own hair. One that I could really trust to care for my hair when I want to treat myself. TAG definitely seems like a trustworthy hair salon. :-) Too bad there's not one here.
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SharBar said...

looks great! I'm gonna check the article out (though I am a ways away from Atl lol)

K.D. said...

Yes, I was amazed by these pics!