Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend Hair: Holiday Party No.2

I can really tell I'm preggie by looking at this pic...My face is even fatter than usual.
This is how I wore my hair to the 2nd holiday party we attended this past Saturday. I've been abusing my curling & flat iron this month.: \.....but that's how it always goes around this time of year though. As long as I keep up the weekly deep conditioning, my hair will be fine. I'm also cutting a lot thesed days.... I achieved this style with the curling iron. I flat ironed on Friday night to prepare the style. The more I see my hair color in these pics (and others) the more I love it. :-) I won't be coloring while preggie, but I am considering it once I have the baby. I can't believe Christmas is this Saturday!!! :D
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