Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Let's Have Fun With Transitioning!

I just had the best idea!! Okay, ya'll already know I'm transitioning. Right? I've also been cutting off an inch or more every month. So I'm thinking...since I'll be cutting my hair a little more each month why not get some of the hairstyles I've been too scared to cut my hair into?! I've never had my hair cut shorter than a bob. This will give me a chance to wear short hairstyles without fully committing to them. I've been loving this hairstyle for the last year! I will definitely be getting it finally...even if it is just for a little while. ;-) This is Tip from A Stylish Southerner. I hope she starts blogging again soon! Love her style.
I'm so excited! I can't wait to cut my hair like this!!! Are any of you HGs rocking this haircut? How do you like it?? What's the upkeep like?
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Anonymous said...

i thought about cutting my hair like this...i still might. i have a hair appointment on thursday so i'll decide by then.

love.akihsoy said...

Cute cuts!!! That's a good idea to get the cute, short styles out of your system during your transition!! Can't wait to see pics if/when you make the cut!! =)

pretty haute said...

cute, I love the color on Megan

K.D. said...

@PP Oooh if u get it, i wanna see pics!!

@love.akihsoy I know right? Might as well get them out of my system because after i bc i won't be cutting for a looong time!

@Prettyhaute Yeah, it's close to mine. I like your haircut PH!


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