Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomiko Big Chops!

Tomiko Fraser Hines, model & actress, did the big chop recently and posted videos on Youtube! Felicia Leatherwood, well-known natural hairstylist in the entertainment industry, did the haircut on her and it looks fantastic! I stick to doing my own hair, but I think I'd let Felicia work her magic on my hair. As you can see, she does great work. I posted Tomiko's photo on HairGurl not too long ago. Twix asked me (i know i'm late) to link her Twitter page and here it is: @GoddessTomiko & check out her site, Tomiko's Goddess Gathering. :-) Here's Felicia's twitter also: @LovingYourHair and here's her site as well: Loving Your Hair With Natural Care. Both ladies are such an inspiration to natural hair!
Check out this other cute video she did with her husband Chris after the bc. They are so cute together! I love the fact that he loves her natural hair. The part where he's trying to play in her hair is classic. lol, My husband is ALWAYS doing that to my hair and he messes it up! What is it about a woman's big chop, that makes a man want to mess up her hair?! I'll never understand, lol. Even though we have short hair, it still takes time to get it just so. #naturalhair
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Jeni :o] said...

they're so cute together!

K.D. said...

I know right!