Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet My Hair Website

Hey girlies!

I've been meaning to tell you ladies about this new site I found online called Meet My Hair. You can upload photos of your hair in their hair gallery. They're looking for all kinds of hairstyles so upload away. I'm always looking for new inspiration so I love browsing through their online hair gallery. I uploaded a photo weeks ago, but now I'm thinking about uploading another one. Hairstyles galore!

Btw, they're hosting a Mixed Chicks giveaway right now! I entered. Hope I'm a winner because I've always wanted to try Mixed Chicks. Head on over and enter!

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antithesis said...

if u get a chance to try mixed chicks, i think u will like it. the leave-in conditioner was great in the summer for my braidouts. i like the hair silk, too. i won those as part of a prize pack but i will purchase when i run out.

K.D. said...

It's def on my list of products to try! The hair silk sounds like the Cantu serum I'm using now.