Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At Least Florida Kept Her Afro Tight!


Remember when I posted my hair after a nap last year? This reminded me of that when I looked at my hair after taking care of Khlo Thang all day yesterday. I didn't do anything to my hair all day. I immediately started laughing, grabbed my camera, & snapped away. The hubs was like, "This is going on the blog??" I can always laugh at myself & I love that about myself. Like I said in the post from last year, I love my hair even when it looks crazy. :-)

When I looked at my hair, I couldn't help but think of the episode when Martin said that to Gina. She'd lost her job & was home all day. (Well, Martin caused her to get fired...) He says it around the 1:34 mark if you wanna see it. I've seen this episode so many times. I can watch Martin repeats all day (and I have! lol).

Refresh the page if you don't see the video. That should work.

It is obvious that I like posting crazy pics of my hair, so I hope you at least got a good laugh or a chuckle out of this. I know I did!

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TiAnna Mae said...
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TiAnna Mae said...

It's great to not take yourself too seriously, especially being a new mom. How long have you been natural?


TheLeoDuo said...

You know what I'm going to say your hair looks like...let's just say I have two words for you...Mike Epps!!

K.D. said...

@Tianna I'm a little past 5 months now.

@TLD LOL!! You are a bama!

Raz International said...

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Raz said...

Take care of your natural hair and use all the tools you can so that you will be able to have healthy black hair at the end of the day!