Saturday, June 18, 2011

Postpartum Shedding Ain't No Joke!

Notice the stray strand on the sink?  

 I'm sitting here dc'ing with Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner in awe. Now perhaps I would have been okay if this was all the hair I lost. No ma'am! Lately, every time I wash my hair there is hair all over the tub, sink, and on my hands. I have to admit. I was in denial at first. I just knew thought it would go away. Even when I apply moisturizer there's little curls of hair everywhere. While applying the conditioner there were clumps of hair all over my hands...I had to get some paper towels to wipe my hands down. :o

I've heard about this other women! I never thought it would happen to me though. I guess we all say that! haha. Now I gotta whip the Hair Stopper back out. I stopped using it because while I was preggie I was losing almost no hair. Postpartum shedding is normal & can last for months. Sometimes over a year. Since it's hormonal, there's really not an easy fix for it...

Time to go research. I'll be back with more information. If you have some insight please share in the comments. I just want this to be over!!! I don't have time for this. >_< If you've had this, how long did yours last?

*I'm secretly hoping someone will say their shedding lasted a least there will be hope for me....*

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Latoya said...

My daughter is almost 9 weeks now. I'm shedding hair, but nothing alarming yet. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed.) I know Curly Nikki had issues with post-partum shedding. You may want to check out her posts on that.

K.D. said...

From what I read online, it shows up a lot around the 3 month mark. You're lucky. :-) It may not happen to you! I'll def look up Curly Nikki's post on pp shedding. Thanks!