Saturday, June 25, 2011

Side Twist Up Do Turban!

So excited about this turban! I was up late on Friday night creating different turban styles after watching a Youtube video. LOL When you click on the link you'll see her info below the video. Why am I so late to the turban game?? That's how I am with a lot stuff though...I try things when I'm ready too! Do ya'll wear turbans? They are seriously about to be my go-to style!

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** Ms. D** said...

Great video! I love this look on you and I'm sure you will create many turban/headwrap styles. I tied one up for my mom last week after watching a tutorial.and now(especially after this) I want to try it out too!

Clare said...

Oh this is so cuuute! I see a lot of girls wearing this and it is so so chic! You look awesome and thanks for the air dry encouragement! xo

K.D. said...

@Ms. D Thanks girl! I'm on it! LOL. I'm doing another this week for the 1st one I put on my facebook fan page. Let me know if you try it!

@Hey Clare! You're welcome & thank you! I love turbans now.