Monday, June 20, 2011

You Have Good Hair! Why Don't You Straighten It?

This is what the Kroger deli counter lady said to me as I ordered some meat for the hubs. -_- I have to admit she caught me off guard. So I simply retaliated with, "Because I'm natural." It was the first thought in my head. She then looked at me with a confused look & said, "Oh, ok." I guess she didn't know what to think/say when I said that. I wouldn't necessarily call this a mean comment about my hair, but it was kinda weird. Now I do plan on flat ironing my hair while natural, but that's not the point. I love wearing my hair curly. That's a big reason on why I went natural in the 1st place. Is everybody that has this deemed good hair supposed to straighten it? I'm so tired of the "good hair" crap. There is no such thing as good hair. We all have unique hair textures & patterns. Neither texture or pattern is better than the other.  I only hope one day the term dies altogether. 

Then, about 15 minutes later in the meat section I got another comment about my hair. This guy with these beautiful dreads came up to me & started a convo.

Guy: So how are you liking the natural look?
Me: I love it. :-)
Guy: Where are you from?
 Me: Memphis
Guy: Oh, ok. That's why.

Wth....I didn't understand that conversation one bit, but I refused to say what came to my mind which was, "what is that supposed to mean?" Maybe I misunderstood?? Some people say things just to get a rise out of you & when I think that's happening to me I purposely don't give them what they're looking for which is a reaction. I don't know if it was a compliment or an insult. What do you guys think?

Maybe it was 'Pick on K.D. night at Kroger' & no one informed me. I just went back to my grocery shopping...

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TiAnna Mae said...

I would have taken both comments as insults, but I'm going to play Devil's Advocate. What if the lady who asked if you would straighten your hair meant that you would look cute with your hair straight. Of course, she could have said it a better way, but maybe there wasn't any ill intent involved in the comment. Maybe the guy with the dreads meant that he knows lot's of women from Memphis who are natural and love it. No harm intended. I commend you for being a new mom and going grocery shopping in the first place.

naturallady said...

Hey I live in Memphis and natural, I wonder what his thinking was when he said that. There are alot of natural here.

Lillian said...

I don't get the "memphis" comment either, but the "good hair" comment, I hear that all the time! My hair is very curly, a "3c/4a" mix and people always say "i bet it would be beautiful if it was straight". That may be, but I love my curls and only straighten once a year, so get over it! lol

Elegant Elle said...

Girl, I get these types of comments all of the time. I'm a teacher, so I encounter students daily that say "why don't you straighten your hair?" "why's your hair so big?" I try to educate them and inform them that natural hair is beautiful too and that it's ok to be different. Also, I turn the question back around to them and ask: "why is the standard for beauty straight hair....why can't other textures of hair be considered beautiful as well". Always smile and show your confidence in the face of negativity :)

TheLeoDuo said...

Get a rise out of you??? for real??? LOL


Twix said...

In some places, the natural style is more accepted. That might be what the dread guy was thinking. Certain hairstyles are more okay in certain places. You're probably more likely to see a natural in the city than in a colorless Midwestern town, for example (I know that's a lot of why I ended up relaxing my hair again in 2008).

K.D. said...

@Tianna Mae Maybe you're right...maybe he knows a lot of women that are natural in Memphis. haha, girl I never really took the "rest" I was supposed to take when I got out of the hospital. Grocery shopping is sometimes my getaway!

@NaturalLady (waving) Heyyyyy fellow Memphian! :D It's always good to meet another HairGurl from my town. I'm trying to head out there this summer...

@Lillian and Elegant Elle I guess I'm not used to it since I'm a new natural. If I were not so tired I prob would have responded differently to the deli counter lady.

@TLD Are you trying to get a rise out of me Reign? LOL

@Twix I'm still getting a feel on Houston. I've met some natural women here, but not a lot. Now i'm wondering if it's "accepted" in Houston... I know when I lived in the DC area (last year) there were naturals EVERYWHERE.