Monday, July 18, 2011

Healthy Hair Icon: MsVaughn!

 1. What city can we find you twirling your hair? Chicago

2. Favorite food? CHEESE!
3.  Relaxed or natural? Natural.
4. How do you keep your hair looking fly? What's your hair care regimen? My hair care regimen has more to do with routine than hair products. I often stress to my viewers that products are interchangeable. No matter how seemingly exclusive or unique your favorite hair care product, there is likely an alternate version out there. Therefore, I do not invest time focusing on product loyalty or seeking products which promise to work “better” than others. I’ve put my energy into a system that works for me that is easy to maintain and quite simple. I begin by committing to washing/conditioning my hair weekly. Sometimes I may feel compelled to wash it after 5 days and there are other times I will wash it after 7 days. I rarely go beyond 7 days, however, the frequency depends on the amount of products that I use on my hair during the intervals between washes (more products equal more washing because I detest product build-up). After washing/conditioning my hair I apply product, braid it up, allow it to dry overnight, and wear my hair in a braidout or a twistout for a week or until I wash my hair again. In the meantime, I can wear a variety of styles with my hair in this state including pin-ups, protective styles; or I can wear it out, etc. The only time that I actually comb my hair is during the detangling process immediately following a wash while the hair is wet and saturated with conditioner.  For me, combing is not necessary in between washes. To preserve nearly all my hairstyles (at night) I simply re-braid my hair and place a silky bonnet on top to contain it. I may apply a mist of water during the “preservation stage” but I do not usually need to add additional products to my hair.  It’s really that simple. 
5. What's the craziest thing you've ever done to your hair? I’ve colored my hair a few times, but cutting it all off via the “Big Chop” was the craziest thing that I’ve ever done, by far. For me it was more of a length adjustment rather than a texture adjustment. As a side-note, I’d only had a perm for 10 years of my life, administered when I was a junior in high school in preparation for prom and college (peer pressure, go figure), so I was never a stranger to caring for my hair in its natural state… I was just never that good at it. The length part was the most challenging. My hair had never been “short” in my entire life so that was a huge change of pace for me. Once I did it though, I loved it! For someone who was always used to long bangs and such framing my profile and shoulders, it prompted me to fall-in-love with my FACE and that’s where the makeup and earring obsession truly began.

6.  What are your fave hair products?  I’m such a low maintenance person as you can tell by my hair routine above. I’m in love with simplicity and only require a few things:  a paddle brush, a few bobby pins, some water, conditioner and a moisturizer. Honestly if those were the only items that I had, I would still be able to maintain my hair. My favorite paddle brush is my Denman D3. My favorite bobby pins to use are by Conair or Goody because of durability and longevity. My favorite conditioner is Totally Twisted by Herbal Essences because it provides very nice “slip.” My favorite moisturizer right now is Lux Locks by Original Moxie. I also love the multiple functions of Shea Butter and Eco Styler Gel.

 7. What is the hair product, tool, or accessory that you absolutely can not live with out? Eco Styler Gel is my all-time favorite! It’s the only gel that I trust on my hair and even if I try other gels, the ingredients have to be parallel with Eco Styler Gel in order to gain my trust (I’m mostly concerned with the absence of alcohol). I rely heavily on gels to help define my curls and tame my frizz and, as you can imagine, I’ve had some really bad experiences with gels containing poor or harmful ingredients. Once I found Eco Styler Gel and saw how gentle it was on my hair, I fell completely in love. No complaints yet.

8. Favorite hairstyle? My favorite hairstyle is a well-defined twistout worn pinned up! For me there is nothing more cute and dainty than a pinned up textured do! It’s really becoming on a young adult woman and can be worn in a professional environment, to the club with a sexy outfit, out to dinner with friends or on a romantic date. I’ve found myself rocking this style to all of the above with great success.
9. What's your favorite color? My favorite color is brown. But I also enjoy other earth tones like greys, creams, tans, olives and plums.

10. The best season for your hair is____because____.  Afro-textured hair can be maintained beautifully in all the seasons, you just have to learn about your hair through trial and error which will sometimes mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing the possibility of making some very humbling miscalculations. Lol. In this case I would choose the Fall because I’ve sort of mastered how my hair reacts to the typical weather during those months. If my hair is feeling dry, I can actually add water during the styling process which allows me to style the hair accordingly.  If I use water as a styling agent from the beginning, I can take the necessary steps to prevent frizzies later by adding gel or a curling pudding of some sort. There is little left to chance in this instance vs battling with unpredictable humidity.  I also love the fashion/makeup trends that are prevalent in the Fall which, for me, creates a platform for my most creative and loved natural hairstyles!
11. The worst season for your hair is the summer months because they are more of a challenge for me, hands down because there is usually a lot of humidity. Although that may be good for my hair, it limits my styling options as well as product options. For example, if I unknowingly use a product that contains humectants, I may leave out of the house with a well-defined twistout and come back later with a huge afro. There is nothing wrong with a huge afro, but I would like to choose that style, consciously. If I wear wash-n-go styles in the summer, preserving my hairstyle as well as detangling becomes a huge pain. Besides, I don’t really like walking around all dewy. lol

12. 3 words that describe your hair's personality. My hair is funky, sexy and free. My hair is the Diva, not me.
13. The best thing about my hair is the best thing about my hair is that it’s both thick and curly. Whether my hair is long or short, I’ve always loved that about it. I like knowing that my hair will always be this way unless I do something to alter it.

14. Where can we find you on the web? 
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I love MsVaughn's style. Her "Outfit of the Day" videos are the BEST. And she's such a sweet person. Back when I was trying to record my 1st video for HairGurl, I frantically reached out to her on Twitter for help & she was so kind. Thanks for allowing me to feature you Ms.Vaughn! 

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TiAnna Mae said...

Cute hair! I can't wait to look her up on YT to see her twist out routine. I'm also bracing myself for this Chicago winter with longer natural hair. Yikes!