Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Green & Glamorous Event Recap!

Saturday, Katie Mac from The Mac Styles & I ventured out to the Green & Glamorous Block Party & Beauty Event in Houston. I spent the majority of the day running around with the hubs grocery shopping & looking for an acceptable high chair/feeding utensils for Khlo Face. On top of that, it was raining. When it rains, it makes me sleepy. I don't care where I am or what I'm doing...the rain does that to me every time. Needless to say by that evening, I was beat & rain sleepy!....but nothing was going to stop me from attending this event! I couldn't wait! :-) I'd heard wonderful compliments about the Natural Resources Salon here in Houston ever since their feature on Great Day Houston. I haven't told ya'll this, but I'm kinda looking for a salon. I say kinda because I haven't really been searching per se.... Not a salon to maintain my hair. I do that pretty well on my own. I need a salon for the days when I just want to pamper myself or go in & get a wash & deep condition. I don't want to pay 2 arms & 2 legs for it either...And from the photos on their website, Natural Resources Salon was just what I was looking for.

We got to pick our own samples from the Earth's Nectar line. :D There's Katie looking stylish in her turban...

There was also an upcycling/remixing table. I brought 5 shirts, but ended up not getting any remixed. The jewelry was donated by Charming Charlie. The unused jewelry was up for grabs by the end of the night & I walked away with a few pieces of jewelry. Cool!

We got there late so we ended up missing the fashion show which featured Uche's (on the right) recycled fashions! She was so sweet. :-) You can see her designs here! As far as Katie...have you ever seen rain boots look so fly?!!?!

I met Rocquelle from ConsiderMeLovely. Ironically, I visited her site for the 1st time the night before the event! After the event,  Katie, Rocquelle, & I stood outside talking forever. lol At the end of our talk, I was given new fashion blogs to look up, a nudge to give Shipley's Donuts another chance, a craving for cupcakes, and Blue Bell's Dessert Trio ice cream added to my grocery shopping list! LOL
Shoe shot! I'm not included, lol. (left-right: Rocquelle, Katie, & Uche)

The hair was definitely a hit. I got a lot of compliments! :D Dress is from Macy's pre-teen section for $8.98. So this is what pre-teens/tweens are wearing nowadays??? #imgettingold
Side shot...This was a bantu knot pulled like in my recent YouTube video. However, this puff is in the center not on the side...Earrings from bss for $1.

I also ran into Leola, of the natural hair sorority-Pi Nappa Kappa. Loved her 'fro. I remember meeting her also at the Do You Expo. I'm not a member of the sorority, but I look forward to attending her event, Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Showcase in December. ;-)

The event was excellent...very well put together. We stayed well past the end of the event, but that's how we do it. Loved meeting new people. :-) The salon was gorgeous as well. Who wouldn't want to get their hair done there??? It looks so relaxing! I'll definitely let you ladies know if I go there for some me time with my hair. ;-)

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RocquelleIsLovely said...

Great recap Hun!! It was so wonderful meeting you and Katie that night!

K.D. said...

Thanks girl! It was great meeting you too! :-) -K.D.

Katie Mac said...

We had so much fun and you captured all the good times via pictures. I should’ve done less talking and more pictures taking with my camera! LOL. Great recap and I can’t wait to our next event!