Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nzuri Showcase Weekend! Pt.1

You guys have to excuse me as I'm still recovering from the Nzuri Showcase that was this past weekend in Houston. FUN, FUN, and oh yeah MORE FUN. lol So I'm going to divide this recap up into 2 (maybe 3) parts. It was truly a great, wonderful & exciting experience & I'm so thankful to the Nzuri team for letting me be apart of their newly installed bloggersphere! A big thank you to Nina aka BeautifulBrwnBabyDol from YouTube, for being such a sweet & outstanding Bloggersphere Director. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend Day #2 of the showcase due to Khlo Face, but I stillllllll took plenty of pics. ;-) Oh and did I mention I dropped my camera on Saturday at the showcase...and now it won't come on. :-( No damage was done to the memory card, but I have to get my camera checked out ASAP as I take it everywhere I go. Yes, everywhere.

So let's start off with the Nzuri Pre-Event VIP Party! Held the Friday before the showcase, it was a night filled with meeting some of the Nzuri bloggers, a Curls Q & A, laughing, & eating some delicious cupcakes from Miracle Pies. Oh man they were sooooo good!

Me & Vernetta of Women Are Game Changers. Such a sweet person!

Donica from DonicaBeEmpowered. I loved Donica's personality. She reminded me so much of myself. lol

...and I met the celebrity stylist, Felecia Leatherwood!!!!!! :D I was completely beside myself ya'll.

Pt. 2 coming up shortly so stay tuned! ;-)

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WomenAreGamechangers said...

The pic came out really good. I had so much fun that entire weekend. We need to do a blogger meet up just to hang out.