Sunday, March 11, 2012

'Fro Fashion Week: Pt. 3 Massage, Thrifting, & Fashion Show!

Here it is a month later & I'm still talking about 'Fro Fashion Week. lol! Okay, well let's get into it. This will be final part of my recap.

Sunday started off w/ me trying to find a store to get some batteries for my old camera. Eboni spotted me looking crazy outside of the hotel & was kind enough to take me to get some...I thought we would never find a store. I had no idea there were very few stores in downtown Atlanta. Mind you, I'm talking about a Walgreens, CVS, etc. Even a corner store would've been great. Finally, we found a CVS & I got my batteries! Thanks again Eboni! lol :-)

 Now my day could really start! So I started off w/ a massage in the Shea Moisture suite.

My masseuse! I was so sleepy at the end of the massage. I wanted to go back up to my room & take a nap. She did an incredible job!

Kynx products.
I saw AfroBallerina again on Sunday! (why do i look thicker than usual in this photo?)
I attended a "How To Thrift" type workshop hosted by Two Stylish Kays. They actually had stuff for sale in workshop! I had to indulge! I'll post a pic of my new items in another post.

Eboni was one of the lovely models. It was great how they put together accessories & outfits & the many ways you can wear an item.
Beautiful belt they styled on this model.

I took my goodies up to my room & recorded this video. Then, I headed back downstairs for the grand finale: the fashion show!! 

Adrienne, the editor-in-chief over at Sadiddy Magazine. Her hair color is extremely vibrant!!! I loved it! I think I took another pic that I'll put on Twitter or Facebook tomorrow.

The rapper had us all singing "Naturally Beautiful. Perfect the way you are. Naturally Beautiful. Girl, you're a super star!" This woman came from the audience & danced to the song. She was getting it!

Jade from Fashion Rouge. Hot hair! I love see unique hair color!

Taren Boone, the founder of 'Fro Fashion Week. Beautiful! I got a pic of the back of her dress too. ;-) Keep scrolling down.

I really liked this bathing suit! Definitely different.

And of course the guys....
 Introducing: A perfectly shaped fro. Reminded me of one of these.
The back of Taren's dress!!!! :D
 Spotted the beautiful Felecia Leatherwood!
 Trina from Baby Shopaholic sporting a new do'. I snapped a pic of her on the runway, but it came out blurry. #boo
 Look at this little cutie pie! He was blowing kisses at us. He's gonna be a heartbreaker.

This is the reason I almost bought another bag just for my trip home! LOL I ended up stuffing (barely) everything into my bags I'd brought.

Here's the official recap video by Thirsty Roots!

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed my 'Fro Fashion Week recaps! :-) FFW was a FAB intimate, family oriented conference. The suites, demos, workshops, Penthouse Party, Bloggers Brunch, the attendees...I had a ball. I met so many people & everyone was so easy to talk to. I felt catered to the entire time. The FFW team made sure that it was enjoyable experience to the MAX. Tarin was such a sweet & cool person! She & her team did an excellent job! I even spent time chatting w/ her about the DMV. If you're from the DMV, you already know what I'm talking about. lol! Definitely check out Fall 2012 FFW especially if you're in the Atlanta area. I had a SPECTACULAR time & I hope to attend another one!

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Baby Shopaholic said...

So awesome to meet you in person! I had a ball. I hope you come back in the fall!!!

Sunshyne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I keep seeing this brand "Curls Unleashed" every where. Gotta check it out.