Thursday, May 24, 2012

RECAP: Kim Cole Celebrates YOU! Event

Last Thursday, the hubs & I + Bopee had the pleasure of attending the Kim Coles Celebrates YOU! event at Natural Resources Salon. I think this is the 1st time the hubs has ever accompanied me to a natural hair event. I usually go with other girls or by myself. His real motive? He wanted to meet Kim Coles! Unfortunately, he didn't get to meet her, but we still had a fabulous time talking with some off of my blog buddies, meeting new people, & eating of course!

Tamara of Natural Hair Rules & Ashley of Medley, Inc. Both of these ladies are awesome!!

Great food....

It's Daddy & Bopee! Khloa was a hit as usual! She was up in there clapping & everything.

Me, Donica of Feel Bootiful Inside, & Reiko of God's Favorite Shoes. I hadn't seen Reiko in soooooo long. It was so good to see her!!

Kim Coles!

Natural Resources presented her with a gift which was a.....

cowboy hat! She is officially a Texan!

Your girl Khloa immediately grabbed Rocquelle from Consider Me Lovely's blouse as she walked by. She apparently loves sequins! lol And check out Rocquelle's mohawk!!

Some of the Houston bloggers! L-R Vernetta of Women Are Gamechangers, Me, Tashia of Diary of a Twisted Sistah, Teirra of Naturally Happy Hair, & Lisa of This Hair of Mine.

I saw one of my readers, Brenda! You may remember her from my 2nd Annual HairGurl Affair. She was transitioning back then, but baby she's natural now! Her hair was so pretty and shiny.
Pic of my outfit to the right. Thanks Lisa from This Hair of Mine! (snagged from her fb page)

Hair: This is the best pic I could get of it. It's a last minute twistout turned into an updo! I set the twistout a few hours before we left....took all of 10 minutes. I tend to do quick twistouts when I'm in a rush, lol. But hey they work for me.

Kim Coles also did a blogger roundtable with the bloggers after the event. I'm gonna upload some of the footage from that as well. :-)

If you wanna see more pics check out Naturally Happy Hair & This Hair of Mine Facebook pages! They took way more pics than I did!

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Consider Me Lovely said...

Such a great recap of the event hun!! I loved that moment when Kim got the cowboy hat, so fun!!

I'm going to have to find your baby girl some baby sequins, lol.

K.D. said...

It was a great event!! LOL! Khloa clearly wants some sequins!