Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July Snapshots (Dress Turned Skirt)

Excuse the dirty mirror! I can't stand dirty mirror shots. lol, not even my own...
$1 shades from Dollar Tree....
Still not burnt enough!!! LOL
Nice and full! hahahaa!!

Khloa trying to eat random crap off the ground again. lol, she does not quit!

If the skirt looks familiar to you, you may remember it from this post

As you can see, it was once a dress, but somehow got ripped in the washer (or dryer). I didn't want to throw it away so I made it my new skirt. ;-)

Later on....

Clapping at the fireworks!! :D

I'm still not feeling this food....I'm gonna give them another chance though.

Hope ya'll had a good 4th! :-) Oh, and I'm one of the newest contributors for 'Fro Fashion Week!! This shouldn't surprise you guys since I had so much FUN at the Spring '12 FFW. ;-) Check out my 1st post here!! :D

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TheLeoDuo said...

My waves makin' you sea sick...

And btw...I was not feeling the Genghis Grill food at the event either. Definitely not a respresentation of what you'll experience if/when you finally go to the restaurant!