Sunday, December 22, 2013

Modern Design Tungsten Ring Review!

I'm baaacckk! This time with a Modern Design review. "Modern Design is an independent jewelry company based in Los Angeles. We've been a manufacturer and wholesaler of diamond jewelry since 1978
and we're a proud member of The Jewelers Board of Trade."

A few weeks back Modern Design contacted me about doing a tungsten ring review. I went on over to their website to check out their selection & I liked what I saw....except tungsten rings are generally advertised as mens rings. I immediately thought of my husband! :D So I asked Keith if he'd be interested in reviewing a tungsten ring. 

Him: "No. I'm not really into rings like that."

Ok, granted I figured he wouldn't be interested because like me he only wears his wedding band. But I thought it'd be cool for him to try something different! I knew he would look good in whatever he chose too. ;-)

So he FINALLY agreed after me asking him over & over (lol) & after perusing their selection, he picked the Black Men's Wedding Band

Face timing with Khloa while he was in Austin for a conference. He received it the day he left & he wore it the whole time he was there. He really likes it!

Here are his words about the tungsten ring: 
I really like the ring. As I told you at first I had to get comfortable with it, and now I am. It appears to be easy to clean, and looks really nice on my finger. Even though it appears easy to clean, I find it easily attracts 'white stuff' to it, but can easily be wiped off. The picture on the size was a great depiction of seeing it in person. It's smooth, slightly heavy, which is good, with just enough shine but not too flashy. If I wanted to buy a similar ring in the future I would definitely consider the same site.-Keith
There you have it! He still hasn't take that ring off ladies. My work here is done! ;-) #upgradinghim

Check out Modern Design's tungsten rings here:
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Note: This tungsten ring was sent to my husband for free from Modern Design, Inc. However, the opinions are my husband's. 

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