Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#DemoDiaries: My Work Week Featuring U By Kotex! (Sponsored)

"This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex through The bLink Marketing Network. U by Kotex provided me products to review. You can get a free sample from U by Kotex too at www.ubykotex.com/get-a-sample and Do the Demo. All opinions shared are my own."

Let's talk periods! LOL. Seriously, I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to talk about my cycle. I was actually excited when I was offered a chance to try out U by Kotex. I actually told my husband, "Finally, I get to talk about my period!" There's not a month that goes by that I'm not talking my husband's ear off about my cycle. He knows everything about it, but I always want to talk about it! lol, Aunt Flo & I have had a love-hate relationship since I was 10. That's the age she came into my life for good. I went to the bathroom to pee before church one morning & wallah magic. There she was.

At 31, I'm still not acclimated to having a period. Crazy right? I honestly don't think I'll ever be all the way adjusted to loosing insane amounts of blood every month accompanied with unbearable cramps, attitude, bloating, attitude, well you get the point. Not even after 21 years.  In a way, they have become easier for me to handle though. I don't hate her visits like I did as a child. I don't look forward to them either! But, I have realized that she's not as bad as she seems.

Good Things About My Period
1. Khloa, my baby girl. :-) She came from my unwavering ability to menstruate each month.
2. My husband gives me period presents! I usually forget so it's like an unexpected surprise.
3. They're become shorter as I've gotten older. #YES

(last week's period present :D)

Ok so I started my cycle on a Monday morning this month. Oh, joy. The beginning of the work week.

When choosing my protection, I opted for the U By Kotex Sleek Super Plus Tampons. Super Plus tampons are vital for me on the 1st couple of days of my menstrual cycle. Extremely heavy flow time. It's important for me to have something that I can depend on & that allows me to move around. A normal day at work consists of me moving around a lot so I can't afford to have any accidents. Besides, I'm too old for that. Although, I use both pads & tampons, I'm definitely more of a tampon girl. They definitely provide me with better mobility than a pad. Let's check out the packaging!

I really liked the box. So cute & tiny.

Cute, discrete packaging

Easy grip middle. It keeps you from dropping it & aids in correct placement!

I'd never seen this before. This was the easiest tampon I'd ever opened. Just follow the arrow & tear off the top.

I loved the sleek ;-) design of the plastic applicator. Never tried the cardboard ones so I can't compare. Minimal trouble inserting. It was a little uncomfortable at first. The Sleek tampons enabled me to keep my tampon in longer during my heavy flow days. I kept going to the bathroom to check for possible spotting & I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't any. (Note: I wear a pad with the tampon on my heavy flow days for double protection.) The protection was incredible! In turn, I didn't have to use a lot of the tampons for a regular day at work. I normally go through a bevy of super plus tampons in one day.

Also, this tampon demonstrated great absorbency too. My heaviest flow was  completely absorbed by the Sleek as opposed to the extra "flow" just sitting on top of it. That alone made a HUGE difference in the take out process. Where has this tampon been all of my life?? A big step up from what I'm used to. I'm happy I was able to try something new & the icing on the cake is that it actually works! This turned out way better than I expected. I will definitely be buying some for my next cycle. They're truly great tampons. Thumbs up for U by Kotex. #DemoDiaries
Other Tidbits About U By Kotex Sleek Tampons
·         A full-sized tampon with PerfectTouch Grip that’s easy to hold on to for “just right” placement
·         Slim size applicator with smooth tip for your comfort
·         Available in Regular, Super and Super Plus absorbencies
*Wanna try it out for yourself? Just click on the link below to get your free sample!*

Check out U By Kotex at these links!
·         U by Kotex website – www.ubykotex.com
·         U by Kotex site’s request a sample page - www.ubykotex.com/get-a-sample
·         U by Kotex Facebook page – www.facebook.com/ubykotex
·         U by Kotex Twitter handle – www.twitter.com/ubykotex

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through The bLink Marketing Network on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.
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