Monday, April 21, 2014

CoSaMo Hair Color Review!

The nice folks over at CoSaMo were kind enough to let me try out one of their hair colors! Thanks CoSaMo! :-)

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I used Textures & Tones Flaming Desire almost 3 months ago to complete my color. It came out very close to the color on the box!

As much as I love my new color, we all know that red is always hard too keep so this time around I wanted to actually use products to preserve my color longer.  Usually when I color, I just go with it aka I just let the color fade, grow out, & do what it wants. lol, I'd never tried to proactively keep my color longer.
So when Cosamo reached out to me, I thought it'd be a great to refresh my color with their Love Your Color, #780 which is the Auburn hair color. The color came right on time!

The kit came with a bag for my head! Never seen this in a temporary hair color box. Nice surprise. #baglady

This is a temporary color so it lasts a few washes (6-12). Temporary hair colors are an excellent way to add a quick dose of brightness to faded hair color! Although this says don't use on hair that has been lightened, I used this over my hair. So use at your own risk. No peroxide & no ammonia in it so I wasn't scared. lol
It was also pretty easy to apply. No crazy smell. Because of my unbelievably stubborn gray hair, I left the color on for 45 minutes which is recommended in the instructions for hard to color gray hair. I used 1 bottle & then 90% of the 2nd bottle.

And here are the results! Look how big K is!
3 weeks later.....(pic taken yesterday)
Overall, CoSaMo's Love Your Color Auburn provided a good experience for me. It was easy to apply & it did just what I wanted it to: gave me brighter auburn hair! I would love to try a brighter, more orangey auburn just to compare to this one. If you've tried them, what did you think? How do you spruce up your permanent hair color? Thanks CoSaMo!
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chan said...

Very good color i also use it best for hair styling.

Unknown said...

i love your hairs colors and you looks really cool in this outfit.

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Debra Larsen said...

It was great to read this review. Just wanted a bit confirmation, does it have any side effects?

Unknown said...

Very good color,looks beautiful!