Monday, March 16, 2009

Inspector K.D.-What Happened To My Ends?

Okay so I flat-ironed my hair this weekend with the FHI aka FIRE! lol This is the world's best flat iron. Anyway, it turned out great. (See pics below) But I noticed my ends are looking a little....meh. I trimmed with my last relaxer which was Feb. 4th because the thin ends were killing me...still I don't know what happened to them. They are mostly on the bottom part of my hair in the back (near the nape). This area seems to be a different texture from the crown area. For my Oct. relaxer my ends looked fine but now their...different. So I've compiled a list of things I did differently before my last relaxer: Things That Could've Affected My Ends
  1. Stretching (I stretched my relaxer 15 weeks between Oct. and Feb.)
  2. Too tight ponytails
  3. Not properly moisturizing sometimes.
  4. Maybe too much manipulation when washing
  5. I noticed more shedding/breakage with the stretch
Oct. Relaxer---------- Feb. Relaxer------------ Feb. Relaxer (after trim) And here's my hair 6 weeks post. See the difference??? The ends are shabby so I need to get on the ball. They're not split...just disgustingly (is that a word?) thin. As a result, I've been paying close attention to the ends and I'm already in repair mode..... So here's what I've been doing to get my ends together.....
  1. Keep my ends moisturized and sealed at all times!!
  2. Moisturize the lower back of my hair more. When I say lower back I mean the part below my layers....
  3. No more tight updos! They are causing tension and breakage in that area.
  4. Dcing/Prepooing on dry hair/add extra conditioner to problem ends/areas
  5. ***Will start doing hot oil treatments***
  6. Started Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamin
I have 4 weeks left to make a difference and I aim to do so! And by the way..... THIS IS MY 100TH POST! YAY!!!!! IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH...LOL. Good nizzle, K.D.

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