Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

I know by now you've all heard about the death of one of the world's greatest entertainers-Michael Jackson. :-( The news really hit me last night as I watched some of his videos with my fiance. We were just in awe of his greatness while looking at his amazing "movie videos" that you didn't want to end. :-) We (along with every fan) still can't believe it....
What's important now is what we take from this. He's been criticized and ridiculed for decades and yet he never seemed to have a negative word to say against anyone. In interviews, he was a gentle, soft-spoken man who adored his fans.
I shake my head because I just wish he was shown more appreciation from the media while he was alive.......
R.I.P Michael Jackson, you will be sorely missed!

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