Saturday, December 26, 2009

End Of 2009 Length Check!

Hey gurls,

So I relaxed my hair on Wednesday with the world's best relaxer of course.....Alter Ego! lol, I used my usual leave-ins (still loving the Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer : D).

As you can see I'm literally kissing apl (arm pit length). I can't stop my hair from growing into this inevitable "v" shape. The hair at the center bottom of my head seems to grow faster than the rest of my hair. My left side is catching up to it. The right side is moving the the slowest....(sorry this pic is so blurry)

Good news though: I'm apl on the left side of my head in the front.

Right side....meh. This is my hair again from the front. My head was leaning a little to the side here.... So that's it! I am determined to finally meet apl in 2010. :D


A Day in the Life of Mocha said...

what do you do to your hair two wks post relaxer?

I'm starting to shedding and i guess i need a deep protein..

K.D. said...

Hey girl, I usually flat iron my hair the same night I relax. Then, I wear my hair straight (with some curls maybe) for the first week. Sometimes I may wear it straight for 2 weeks. I shed a little after my relaxer too, that's why I use a protein treatment for the first 2 washes.

LaQT said...

Great progress, K.D. I'm hoping to reach a few hair length goals in 2010 too.