Monday, February 08, 2010

Product Yay: Brush Love!

Product Yay time.:D I love trying out products and actually liking them. Liking them is such an added bonus..... Brush Love graciously sent me some brushes to try out awhile ago.(about 3 months to be exact). I like to test out the products that are sent to me extensively. I have to be totally sure about them. I don't post reviews after trying products out after a day or a week because what if something breaks, etc. You just never know....I was amazed by Brush Love though. BL offers amazing brushes, mirrors, and other beauty tools for the product junkie. I have to admit....I was anti-brush up until I received the package of brushes in the mail. I thought brushes contributed to unnecessary damage. Turns out I've just been using the wrong brushes. Now I'm love with BL's brushes....well 2 in particular. My favorite brush is the Brushlab Pronto Ionic Nylon Bristle Hair Brush. I use this brush the most! I love it. This brush is so gentle on my hair. The nylon bristles are also static resistant which is a huge plus for me. My hair gets very static-ky (is that a word?) in the winter....

Here's a pic of mine. It's a little more "used" than the one of their website. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Coming in at a close second would be their other brush called the Brushlab Pretty Pink Dual Mirror Brush Combo Hair Brush.

How cute is the mirror on the back of the brush? I'd never seen a brush like this one. :D This is one nice paddle brush. It's very gentle on the scalp.

If you're looking for a new brush you definitely should head over to Brush Love! Such cute brushes at affordable prices. :D (Did I also mention you get a free gift with every purchase and a 366 day return policy?) Yes, I said 366. Check them out! *Note: Brush Love ( sent me these brushes free of charge. In addition, I was not compensated. My reviews are always based on my honest opinion. I test out the products thoroughly so that I am able to give the most accurate review.*

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