Thursday, April 29, 2010

Win A FREE HG T-Shirt-Submit Your HA Day Pic!

(I've always loved this hairstyle.....) Hey ya'll! :D Don't forget tommorrow is April 30th which is Hairstyle Appreciation Day! Yayyyyyy! So make sure you wear your favorite or one of your favorite hairstyles, take a pic of it, & then send it to me at . I will debut them on Hair Gurl shortly after. So far only one commented on my post from last Thursday. : \ Come on guys. I hope to get a lot more participants. It'll be fun to wear our fave hairstyles. :-) I'm giving away a free Hair Gurl t-shirt to one of you ladies that submits! It'll be randomly picked. Check out my shop if you haven't at I have some niccceeee stuff in there with all my sarcastic hair comments. lol I still don't know what I'm doing with my hair & it's 11:07pm here....Hmmmmmm. I'm gonna drag my butt into the bathroom in a minute. I can't wait to see ya'll's hairstyles! :D Make sure you are following me on Twitter & Facebook for more of my ramblings about hair and anything else I want to talk about.:-)

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