Monday, May 03, 2010

Hairstyle Appreciation Day Pics are the pics I have from Hairstyle Appreciation Day....

I was going for air dried pony from Thanksgiving.

It didn't turn out too well so I ended up doing this to my hair in the middle of the day.....: \

At least my hubby's hair looked good. :-) Look at those waves!

Unfortunately, I didn't receive any photos of hairstyles :-( However, I did receive a great article about Hairstyle Appreciation Day from one of the writers at the Examiner. Check it out here. There's always next year. :-) Yep. I plan to celebrate this every year...even if no one else does! :0

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Danielle87 said...

Aw man I completely forgot about sending you a picture. Guess I will catch it the next go round

TheLeoDuo said...

Son...those waves make me sea sick!!!

jae nichole said...

i think maybe ppl didnt send pictures because they feel you arent on here enough. i also feel like you have a life but most bloggers post more frequently. Also Months ago I sent you an email and never got a reply and it made me never want to support your website ever again.

K.D. said...

@Danielle87 Yep, there's always next year!

@TheLeoDuo You are so silly. lol

@Jae Nichole I agree partly with you. I'm working on posting more. I apologize that there was no reply to your email. :-( I don't recall getting an email from this name as I check my email multiple times a day.... You can try sending another email. :-) Hopefully, you'll support HG. If not, I hope you find the hair care website for you! Have a great day. :-)