Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 Hair Gurl Summer Soiree?

Hey ladies! I want to share with you something I've been thinking about for the past week or so. How about having a 2010 Hair Gurl "Love Your Hair"Summer Soiree/Affair/Meetup/Tweetup? It's so obvious I need help picking a name! LOL. Any ideas? I would love to meet all of you ladies and I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. This would be sooooooooo fun and I'm getting all excited just typing this!
So far here's what I can tell you:
1. It will be in the D.C. area. If you live in the area please recommend some nice, CLEAN restaurants!
2. We will be doing product swaps! So bring your products! :-)
3. Would like to have it in July or August.
So what do ya'll think??? Any feedback/suggestions is more than welcome!
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antithesis said...

im useless as far as suggestions but i live in DC so i'll be there if my schedule allows, i.e. i cant do a saturday. how exciting!

Chrissy said...

Cool! I live in the DC area, so I would be down. What kind of budget are you going for? Thats important in choosing a restaurant; whether you want casual fare or more gourmet fare.

Mima said...

I wish i lived in dc thats a great idea though

K.D. said...

@Antithesis Dang! That's the day I was going to do it on too. I'll pick between Friday and Saturday most likely.

@Chrissy Thanks for bringing that up! It would def be more casual. What restaurant do you think would be good for this?

@Mima I wish you did too! : \