Monday, July 05, 2010

Update: More Hair Color Photos!

And it's pretty apparent in the these pics that I love these earrings, lol! I didn't realize just how much I wear them. #ohwell I've been taking these photos over the last few days trying to capture the real color of it. I don't think that's going to happen until I get a new color, but you can see it better in these photos. :-) I did do something bad though....remember in the other post when I said I might do something drastic......well...I colored my hair twice with the permanent color within days of each other. Bad I know, but I couldn't help myself. Please don't try this at home! My hair is pretty healthy so I kinda hoped it could handle it. I just want the color lighter (i still do). The 2nd coloring did make it lighter, but I only kept it on for 5 minutes for fear of extreme damage. I'm not going to color again for awhile, if at all. My hair hasn't been breaking or anything and I'm keeping it moisturized. My protein deep conditioning sessions have helped too. :-) My hair loves protein so I dc with it once or twice a week anyway. Remember I only colored the top front part so I'll be babying this section!
I didn't want to keep what I did from you guys....even with all of my hair knowledge I still make stupid mistakes with my hair, lol. I'm not perfect. As a matter of fact, I can be very impulsive (as you can see now!) But you live and learn. What crazy things have you done to your hair?
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Danielle87 said...

I haven't done anything crazy but I do want to dye it black or one of those colors that looks really black but i the sun it has a dark purple tint.

Traycee said...

The color looks good with your complexion ... Wonderful change for the summer

Anonymous said...

I've self trimmed 2x and each time I have been 10+wks post with an airdried do!! I know I shouldn't do it but that is just when my ends look the worse!! I hate my 'tail' but 1 more inch and it'll be gone...and no, no more self trimming on air dried hair for me!! lol.

Ki said...

I'm loving the color on you. It looks great with your skin, and I like your earrings too.

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