Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 HG Event in Photos!

So as you all know I threw my very 1st HairGurl event last Friday!! :D I woke up excited on Friday. Unfortunately, due to running around with the hubs I arrived to my event late. : \ I really didn't want to arrive to my own event trife. No worries though. Ashley from Pigmented Pretty was there waiting & I'm so glad she didn't say "screw this" and just leave, lol. Thanks again Ashley! ;-)
Here's the pretty lady....
And then my friend Lisa arrived. I just noticed I'm the only one who didn't have dimples!
A Vapiano worker poses for the camera. :-) Our table after allllll the food was gone! And of course we all had to take pics on the Vapiano motorcyle!
Lisa & Ashley looked so cute in these pics!
The ladies and I on the red carpet.
All in all the HG event was a success! As you can see, there were just 3 of us...but we had a ball! It was my 1st event so I didn't really expect a lot of people. I plan on doing HG events every year from here on out. ;-) So don't feel bad if you weren't able to attend. I may just be coming to your city. ;-) I'm also hoping to plan another one in Houston, TX in Sept. or October maybe. Exciting news: The hubs and I are moving from VA (DMV) to Houston, TX...tommorrow!
We've been busy packing and throwing things away. It's not a surprise that we've been planning the move for months. I can't believe it's actually happening. If you recall about 6 months ago we moved into our basement apartment to prepare for the big move and save money. I wrote about it here. :-) And now it's really happening!!! We're going on a week long road trip on our way down to H-town. I'll be tweeting along the way and posting hair updates. Speaking of hair, I've been so mean to it the past couple of days... : \ One word: definitely need to trim. Right now I'm dc'ing. I plan on leaving it alone for a few days. And now that I've gotten a new camera I can finally start posting videos...someone requested them awhile back. Let me know if you're interested in me posting hair videos too in the comments section.
Do I have any HGs in Houston??? Let me know!:-)
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antithesis said...

sad to see you go but best wishes on the next leg of your journey!

** Ms. D** said...

Looks like you all had a good time! I'm sure the more events you do, the bigger the outcome will be. You and Your hair looks gorgeous btw, I think full APL fits you perfect!!! Good luck on your move :-)

Anonymous said...

Guuurrrrlll, your hair is gorg! I love it! I would love to see videos!! Good luck on the move too :) Congrats!

L. Michelle said...

Hey Hey Hey!!! Not in Houston, but a little under two hours away in Austin! Welcome to Texas!!! Are you ready for the heat? Because it's stuck on Hell right now. I will be in Houston in late September for work so we'll have to get together.

Legally Natural said...

Such a small world...Ashley definitely went to school with me.

Tee said...

Your hair is looking gr8... Keep up the good work

K.D. said...

Thanks for the compliments ladies! :-) And L.Michelle let me know girl. I would love to meet you! And yes...i'm ready for the heat. I love it in fact. Can't stand the cold at all, lol.