Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Checking In From the Road...

Hey girls! :-) Still roadtrippin'....We're almost in Houston, TX....in Dallas now. This roadtrip has caused dry hair and dandruff for me. I admitI've been having dandruff problems for the last 2 days... :\ I just washed my hair & now I'm currently dc'ing with Redken Smooth Down. I've only used this stuff once I think. Hopefully, this takes care of the dandruff. I've been wearing my hair mostly in a loose bun I just started doing this month. It's a cute messy look. I'll be posting some pics of it in a few days. I hear it's soooo hot in Houston & I love heat so I'm sure I'll fit right in. I'd rather be hot than cold any day. ;-) I'm from Memphis so I'm very familiar with heat waves. Off to sleep....Night ya'll. I'm beat!
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