Friday, November 19, 2010

I've Made My Decision! Transitioning Or Not?

As I type this, I'm sitting in my closet playing with my new growth. I just finished washing my hair & dc'ing with ORS Replenishing Pack. I'm in awe right now looking at my new growth. The pack made it so curly and soft! It's so hard for me not to big chop right now! So I've come to my decision: to hell with relaxers. I want to see my natural hair. :D I'm officially transitioning to natural hair. I'm so excited because this is a brand new journey for me & I can't wait. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. Ya'll already know I've been dreaming about my natural hair. Crazy I know...but it's true.

This decision didn't come easy to me. I've been researching for weeks and just really trying to make sure this was the right decision for me. Thank you to everyone who offered advice! I am also so grateful to the Youtubers who've provided inspiration for women who are transitioning. Thank you! :-)

Pic from Quality Perspectives

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Ife' said...

yay!!!!! good for you!

I am from california, and girls out there don't really use relaxers. They kinda got phased out in the 90's. Most women in Cali either wear weaves (and have LONG BANGIN hair underneath) or opt for flat ironing every two weeks. Of course, going to the shop every two weeks at $80 a pop is expensive, but that is the norm... in LA at least. I might know one or two people in LA that still wear a relaxer although all of these women do wear their hair straight. I know the humidity is a big issue on the east coast and in the south. It's kind of a different beast, but I also know from experience that if you train your hair, it will conform! My hair type is SUPER CURLY so when I first started flat ironing my hair, it would be wavy by the end of the day (even in CA with no humidity), but now it stays straight through pretty much anything! Just my two cents!

** Ms. D** said...

That's great! Can't wait to see your progress along the way!

K.D. said...

@Ife' Thanks! Wow, i didn't know Cali women didn't really rock relaxers. I always knew I would go natural. You're right! I believe you can def train your hair. My hair is totally different from what it was 3-4 yrs ago just by me taking better care of it. Btw, I would love to see your curly hair! (hint, hint,)LOL.

@Ms.D Thanks! I can't wait either.