Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Am I Doing On My Hair Resolutions?

Since the year is almost up, I'd thought I'd re-visit my 2010 Hair Resolutions....The last time I did an update was in February.

1. Moisturize and seal my hair with oil everytime it's dry. I slacked on this in '09... (Check!)

2. Continue to wash and deep condition my hair 1-2 times a week. (Check!)

3. Do more search and destroys. (Still haven't done this *hangs head*)

4. Buy more hair accessories. My current hair toy stash is (Check! I've bought about 3-5 headbands!)

5. Reach apl (arm pit length hair) and then move towards bsl (bra strap length). (Who would've thought by the end of the year I'd be preggie and thinking about transitioning??? I did reach apl though.)

6. Try (note: keyword "try") to only flat iron every other relaxer. Again, the keyword is try. lol (Let's be real... I didn't do this at all.)

7. Continue to relax every 8-10 weeks. (Check! This was easy...)

8. Finally, make an appointment for a dominican blow-out (rollerset and blow out of roots only). (Never did this, but maybe there's one in Houston? I'll check.)

9. Keep protective styling. It's boring, but it works. (Check!)

10. Continue to try out new hair styles! This is such a must. (Check! I've been a hairstylin'  fool esp. this summer!)

11. Experiment with oiling my scalp with evco (extra virgin coconut oil). (Check! And I believe this has cured my dandruff.)

All in all I think I did pretty good. I achieved 8 of 11 of my 2010 Hair Resolutions. The year is not over yet so I still have a chance to do the rest of the stuff. ;-)

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