Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Update: Munchkin & Hair

Hey ladies! :-) Oh, I miss you guys so much! Great news- It looks like my feeling sick everyday/all day nausea/don't want anyone near me/most food is disgusting days are over. Hopefully. :-) I've been feeling pretty good & I've even started exercising. I still can't sleep at night so I hope when I go to my doctor's appointment tomorrow she can finally prescribe something for me because this is the pits! I've been so tempted to take my sinus medicine-that stuff will have you sleeping like a baby. I had to think about the Munchkin though. My doctor advised me not to take anything other Tylenol during the development stages. In other words, I've only had about 2 nights of really good sleep. So now that I'm feeling almost back to my normal self- it's back to hair. ;-) I've been neglecting my hair terribly, but I'm back to giving it my full attention. Okay, that's a lie. The Munchkin has my full attention everyday. I'm making sure that I'm washing & deep conditioning every week, but I've been slacking in the moisturizing department. My hair is not retaining moisture that well. It's definitely giving me a run for my money. Aah the newgrowth!
I've run out of... -One of my fave conditioners-Deity :-( -Shampoo.... -Patience...just kidding -Grapeseed Oil -Almost all of the conditioners I've had in my collection Moving along....here are some hair pics I took a couple of weeks ago! The Classy Bun With Curls!
That's all for now. I'm going to wash & dc my hair today. I want to style it really pretty for tommorrow. At my 1st doctor's appt I looked like death warmed over. I'm also going to update my regimen & post it here. Don't forget to make sure you vote, vote, vote today! :-)
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LaShan Danelle Charles said...

Congratulations to you on your pregnancy! I am also expecting, this will be my second child. I also have a two year old girl. I will be 15 wks on Sat, 11/6. Unfortunately I had neglected my hair for the first 3 months, but as of last weekend, I am getting back on track. I am trying to stay natural as long as I can, but it has been very difficult!!! I am considering relaxing my hair in 2 wks. My last relaxer was in August. Happy pregnancy and hair journey!

K.D. said...

Thank you! Congratulations to you too! Girl i understand you on the "neglecting your hair". I did that too. Who can think about hair when you're feeling like crap every day?? Let me know if decide to relax! Ii'm going to hold out as long as i can. :-)