Monday, December 06, 2010

Barbie Black Label Basics Collection

So I had a cool weekend. Holiday party hair pics coming tommorrow. I decided to cruise the doll aisle at Walmart. It's been awhile since I've been in the toy section of any store, but I was looking for the Kenya doll. Remember her? While perusing, look at what I spotted! A natural Barbie doll-well at least she looked natural when I saw her in the store. The pics online seem more like a short haircut. Isn't she flythough?!!!? I've never seen a Barbie like this before! Clearly, one of the best collection dolls I've ever seen. More little girls need to see dolls like this. Black girls come in all colors, shapes, hair length, etc. Mattel (makers of Barbie) certainly knows how to keep up with the trends. The Black Label Basics Collection features dolls in different shades rocking stylish black dresses & hairstyles. At Walmart she retails for $21.99. Click here to see her. She's also sold at Toys R Us. I wish they'd given her a name though...She's too jazzy not to have one. Don't you think?
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