Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Repost: My Stand On Relaxed & Natural Hair

I posted this on HairGurl in February just to clarify my stand on the whole relaxed vs. natural debate. Just wanted to let you ladies know I still feel the same transitioning to natural doesn't change this. ;-) #teamhealthyhair
There's been an ongoing battle of natural vs. relaxed hair lately. Check virtually anywhere online and you will see the debate on which one is better. Before I continue let me answer that question. NEITHER ONE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER. Here's where I come in. I want to make it clear that Hair Gurl is for the woman who strives to have HEALTHY HAIR. The long hair is an added bonus that I want. ;-) It doesn't matter if you're relaxed or natural. In addition to that, I'm growing my hair to bra strap length (bsl). This is a length that I've never been to (well not as a grown woman). I don't know what my longest length was as a child. That's a personal goal of mine. I'm relaxed, but I don't promote "relaxness" so to speak. (I think I just made up a word) To each her own. It truly is a personal preference. My goal here is to provide you with the knowledge that I've learned during my hair care journey. I'm not a professional hairstylist or cosmetologist. :-) I love healthy, luscious hair. ;-) I love to see a woman walking down the street with gorgeous hair. Whether she's rocking big pretty natural curls or a beautiful blowout, it doesn't matter. I'm the first one ooohhhing & ahhhhhing at her locks. Seriously. I'm just a lover of beautiful, healthy hair. :D That's my stand.....and I'm sticking to it. :-) Photo credit:

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