Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Natural for Almost 2 Weeks-What I'm Using

My bc has revealed that I have my father's head.
Hey HGs! Last week, Inspired Mommy left me a comment asking me what I use on my hair now that I'm natural. My mixture is pretty simple. Well, so far that is....but it's working! I still wash about 1-2 times a week. Also, I've been co-washing as well. I'm loving my wash n-gos right now and I haven't tried any braidouts or twistouts. Don't think I have enough hair for all of that, lol! After washing or washing, I apply the following.
1. First, I apply Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream. I was sent a box of their products! This stuff smells like fruit. Yums. 2. Then, I put either the Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Hair Silk or Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my hair. 3. I rub Eco Styler Styling Gel throughout. The way I rub it in, it pretty much defines the curl.
On days I don't wash, I just add some water or Cantu Leave In and go.. I usually use a little oil too. I'm liking this mixture and as you can see it's simple. It leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized. I'm going to be trying out more mixtures to see what my hair likes. :-) Feel free to chime in with what prods moisturize your hair!
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inspired mommy said...

Thanks so much!!
Love the simplicity of your regimen so far.
Have a great day!

K.D. said...

You're welcome! :-)