Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Houston Meet & Greet Recap!

I'm back with my Houston Meet & Greet recap! To say I had soooooooooo much fun would be a serious understatement. :D The restaurant, Yard House, wasn't that far from where I lived. Leave it up to me to get lost right down the street from the place. Luckily, I was already at the City Centre so I just had to find out where exactly in the City Centre it was. When I got to the restaurant, I was so HOT! Preggie hot flashes are kicking my butt. Having a hot flash on an 80 degree day=not the business. When I saw the ladies, I forgot all about my hot flashes! (but I did tell them about the flashes, lol) They were all so sweet! It was so nice to be able to finally see everyone in person.

 (Left to right) Reiko from God's Favorite Shoes, Tee from Mane Coarse, Me, Tamara from Natural Hair Rules, and Raven from DIY Raven! Look at all of that natural hair! :D
houstonmeetandgreet9 Here's Ashley from Mocha Mommies & Raven again. Raven sashayed in with this clutch that we all wanted! I quickly put in a request for mine. I wish I'd snapped a shot of it. Go to her website & click on this post to check it out! And Miss Ashley surprised the hell out of me when she volunteered to put together a baby shower for me!!!!!! Remember, the post I wrote about wanting to have a baby shower?? Ya'll, I was so happy I almost cried....literally. I wasn't expecting that at all. So it looks like I'll be having a baby shower. :D :D :D Yay!!! Thank you again Ashley. You have no idea how much this means to me. houstonmeetandgreet8 Me in my "Look Ma, No Weave!" tee! houstonmeetandgreet7
Reiko & Tee again. Reiko was just as sweet as I imagined her to be! Planning the meet & greet with her was really a breeze. She was the 1st one to comment on my other blog when I started it (yes, i remember!). I forgot to tell ya'll that I e-met Tee through my other blog. I told her about the meetup & she drove from 2 hrs away to come! How cool is that?? I remember her telling me she lived a couple of hours away, but I guess it didn't register. Leave it to my #preggiebrain! And Tee, I didn't know you made that skirt?! CUTE! houstonmeetandgreet6 That's Jody from Bronze Island in the middle. Azalea, from High Heel Junkie, was talking & while we all were listening I decided to snap a pic. I wish I'd had more time to talk to these two. Both were so cool. Sidenote: I love that painting in the back. Very interesting.houstonmeetandgreet5 On the left is Kathlene & there's Tamara from Natural Hair Rules. Kathleen is starting her own blog & I can't wait to start reading it! I meant to take a pic of her nails. They were so cute! She's currently thinking about maybe, possibly....going natural! Come on over to the curly side. ;-) It was so good to finally meet Tamara! I already felt like I knew her from reading her blog. We literally talked about umm everything! LOL Tamara provided us with a lot of insight on blogging & marketing.
houstonmeetandgreet4 And let's not forget about the FOOD. (even though it took me forever to order) Their chicken strips were so good. Some of the best I've ever had. houstonmeetandgreet3 houstonmeetandgreet
Two other ladies stopped by (Kennetta & Stephanie) & I stayed longer to talk to them.  I just had so much fun! I feel like I have a new family in Houston. :-) To think...this started as a simple Twitter convo between Reiko and I a few months ago! I just wish that I'd had more time to talk with each one of ya'll. Everyone was just so warm & friendly. Thank you all for coming out to the meet & greet! I can't wait to meet up again! We're already talking about meeting up to go thrifting & a possible blogger workshop.

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raven said...

Hey! This is such a great re-cap!! It almost feels like we were there again ;) It was really great to meet all of you gorgeous women - such an inspiring meet up!! Thank you seriously for co-hosting. Can't wait for the next one!!


Manecoarse said...

This is such a great post. You got some really great shots. I had a blast. It was really fun. I can't wait until we get together again. I am so glad you're going to have a shower. You deserve it!!!

K.D. said...

We did have the best time, didn't we?! Thank you ladies for coming out! Ya'll MADE the meet and greet seriously! Both of you ladies will be getting evites soon to the upcoming baby shower! :D


TEST said...

I was the first to comment on your other blog!?!? And you remember that! LOL! WOW!

I am so glad you were willing to cohost with me! Planning with you was ideal. No muss. No fuss. That's the kind of chick I am!

And Ashley will do a wonderful job with your babyshower! That girl is a dream weaver! alcohol til the baby comes please!!

And I LOVE the idea of a blogger workshop! I am all in for that idea! I suggested already that maybe DIY Raven can do a little sewing 101 for a class. After you are settled with the bambino...let's revisit!

Right now...lay down and get some rest:)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Ummm...I don't know what happened but that's me above. It's late. I'm going to bed! LOL


pretty haute said...

That's an adorable top :)