Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Unexpected Delivery Pt.2

Long time no blog, right?! Well, let me hurry up and finish the rest of the story before the Munchkin starts crying. ;-) She does that any time she realizes my full attention isn't on her! lol! So the next morning at 9:51am I had the Munchkin via c-section. She was just as beautiful as she wanted to be! I was so emotional when they yanked her out of me (that's what it felt like). It all happened so quickly from the doctor's appointment to having her the very next morning. As much as I tried to prepare myself for the birth of the Munchkin, I wasn't prepared for this at all! Shortly after the c-section, one of the doctors came in to let the hubs and I know how the Munchkin was doing. She was healthy and the doctor even told us she would most likely be leaving in 3 weeks. YESSSS! I made a mental note of this because at that very second I began counting down. :-) Meanwhile, my obgyn told us she'd be coming home closer to 6 weeks. I was holding on to 3 weeks while the hubs held on to 6...I guess he was thinking that way because he didn't want to be disappointed if she wasn't released in 3 weeks. Not me! I wanted her home & so I kept telling myself she'd be home in 3 weeks. Oh and some of the nurses came in to warn us the Munchkin was as feisty as she wanted to be! Haha. I guess you're never  too young to be feisty.

Later on that evening, my sis, mother, and one of my brothers arrived at the hospital. My blood pressure was still shaky waky so I was trying to keep it down as much as I could....but it was hard. It went up with the slightest emotion that I felt. I wanted to talk, but every time I did it would go up. That night a new nurse came to my room. She looked sooooo familiar. Maybe it was because she was natural? ;-) I thought surely she must have a blog & that's where I'd seen her. So the whole night (when I was awake) I debated back & forth on whether or not to ask her if she had a blog. Finally, at like 5:00am I unsurely asked her, "Do you have a natural hair care blog?" She smiled and said, "No." She said something after that but I can't remember. We had a long, amazing talk about the Munchkin, our dreams, hair, men, just everything! She was such a cool person. (I'm not going to put her name on here unless she gives me the ok) She even gave me some earrings she made! I was so excited I seriously almost cried. It was the sweetest thing.

Aren't they cute?!

She definitely made my stay at the hospital 10 times better ya'll. Hopefully, we'll be going for a walk in the park soon. :-) Before this, I'd never been in a hospital overnight. And there I was...officially posted up from Monday night to Friday afternoon. Well, enough about me. On to the little Munchkin. :D She's home now. She's been home for about a week & a half. The NICU had her for a little under 3 weeks so I was right! I went to see her every day while she was there. I brought her my breast milk. I couldn't breast feed her, but I pumped my milk for her. The nurses soon started telling me not to bring in anymore until they told me too. Turns out I'd supplied them with 20 bags that were in their freezer. Haha! I'd initially thought because my tatas were small, I wouldn't produce a lot milk. #wrong I didn't know how much she needed so I was bringing bags every day. Doing that made me feel so much better though. It made me feel closer to her. It was hard having her in the NICU. Now she's lying next to me doing her grunting/straining in her sleep. :-) I still can't believe I'm a mama. The hubs still asks me, "Did you just have a baby?" Partly because the majority of my preggie weight is gone & we still can't believe there's an actual baby in our apartment.

Meet Miss Khloa August (pronounced Klo-uh). She's still a little bitty thing, but she's growing every day. :-)


I would like to send a special thank you to my little Khlo Star for sleeping long enough so I could write this post.

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love.akihsoy said...

OMG she looks like her mama!!!

I'm glad that everything went smoothly and both of you are healthy and happy! I wish you the best in your new journey of motherhood!!

Blessed Tresses said...


Hairs2Me said...

Congrats!! She is sooo cute & I am glad you all are doing great

Latoya said...

I'm glad to hear that you and the baby are ok. Going into early labor is scary. I was at risk of early labor and had my daughter at 5 weeks 6 days.

P.S. I wish most of my preggo weight was gone. I have 9 pounds to go until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight.

Natural Hair Rules!!! said...

I know I'm late. But thank you for sharing. My experience was very similar as far as emergency c-section & baby in the NICU. Just thankful everyone is healthy.