Thursday, June 09, 2011

2011 Texas Black Expo RECAP (Finally!)

As you ladies know, a few weeks ago I attended the 2011 Texas Black Expo. I've been working on this recap pretty much the whole time in the moments where Khlo-Babe let me. ;-) I met up with Katie Mac from The Mac Styles & her co-workers Shanda & Luci. We had soooo much fun. I was so happy to be out of the house doing something besides going to the doctor's office, the grocery store, pharmacy, and repeat. #newmama
Left to right-Shanda, Me, Luci
Left to right-Katie, Me, Luci
Tamara of Natural Hair Rules!!! & the winner of one of t-shirt giveaways
The natural hair meet up! Great turn out! I passed out my business cards. :-)
Katie Mac & J'Cil White- J'Cil designs some nice jewelry...very unique. She reminded me so much of my former boss & friend, Cathey. She even looked like her! Hey Cathey! :-)See her creations below.
Close up of J'Cil's feather headband!
IMG_0018 IMG_0032
Katie spotted J. Anthony Brown so of course we all had to take pics with him!
Did ya'll know J. Anthony Brown had a hot sauce??
Susej Designs...Hot right?! Check out the bags she designs as well. I LOVE THEM. Expensive, but you're paying for one of kind items.
The perfect bridal bag.

And yes...I took my heels off! Haha
Wrapperlicious headbands. Isn't this a unique idea? I would've never thought of something like this! If you're thinking 'can i eat this?' No you can't. The candy has been pre-treated.
Christie L from Creme De La Creme Hair Salon & Boutique here in Houston. She did a fantastic job on all of the models! Their hair had all of us wanting to go to her salon (even me & ya'll know I don't do salons like that #doityourself)
Brittany: One of the Creme De La Creme models. Seeing her hair was the highlight of the expo for me! Her hair was simply beautiful. She's natural with no extensions! This hairstyle was created by Christie L. Thanks for letting me take this pic Brittany!

I'll definitely be back next year. Now that Khlo-Face is 2 months and she's had most of her shots, I look forward to going on more outings, lol. I'm in the middle of planning the 2011 HairGurl Summer Affair & I can't wait to meet even more ladies in H-town. :-)


CurlyChellez said...

cute dress

Baby Shopaholic said...

You look awesome mama! I love Expos! Always find new stuff!

Katie Mac said...

We had so much fun gotta do it again!

Kim/ said...

Your outfit is so adorable!

K.D. said...

Thanks ya'll! And yes Katie we have to do it again!