Monday, May 23, 2011

Dollar Tree Headband


I got this headband from Dollar Tree a couple of weeks while looking for headbands for the Munchkin's newborn photo shoot. It was $1. Gotta add that in there because some dollar stores have things over a $1 (why put dollar in the name if everything is not a dollar??) You can't tell by the pic, but it's a very light olive color. It's a little greener in person. Dollar Tree has some cute little hair accessories. (and some of the makeup isn't half bad). I get A LOT of stuff from there. The 1st aisle I go to is always the hair care/accessories aisle, lol. Everything else is secondary. ;-) You can't beat the $1 price! Haha. Have ya'll purchased any hair accessories from DT?

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Katie Mac said...

I love Dollar Tree. There great! I have to admit I buy all my snacks from them. Don't sleep on Dollar Tree...

K.D. said...

Me too!!