Thursday, June 23, 2011

To My #1 Hair Fan

My #1 hair fan is my husband Reign. He has many nicknames, but Reign is the coolest one. ;-) He always takes time out to post comments on HG (although most are random, lol). As a matter of fact, he posted the very 1st comment on HG. He's always stuck by my hair decisions & supported me. I know in some case, significant others can be just as bad as the naysayers, but not my Reign.

He's watched me go through so many adventures with my hair. I've known him for almost 11 years, but I'm mostly referring to the last 4.5 years when I got more serious about my hair. At the end of the day, I'm still his K.D. After we moved to the D.C. area I (his hometown) in '07, I held on to my weave. I would get so tickled when he said my weaves looked "glamorous". He even taught me how to sew in weaves. You see, I didn't know how to sew in weave, but I knew it had to be like actual sewing. So I bought the weave, needle, and thread & he demonstrated how to sew in the hair track. That's love! LOL. Basically, I wore weaves because I'd given up trying to grow my hair very long. I was used to it getting to a certain point & then my hair breaking off. Usually somewhere around the shoulders...

Here's me w/ a weave in the summer of '06.


I would cut the weave sometimes to make it shorter....

After a month, I thought I'd try wearing my own hair out since I'd been donning a weave (half-weave really to give that illusion of "real hair") for about 3 years. I sewed the hair in faithfully every month no matter how much I missed wearing my real hair. It felt good to wear my own hair again though. And just like that my weave stage was over.

Dec. '06 w/ no weave.

Bored with my hair, I colored it in June '07...


...and along came the breakage. Enough to make me cut my hair into a bob in August. By the time my birthday came along (Aug. 10th), I was on a mission to obtain & maintain healthy hair after finding sites like BHM & LHCF. I started thinking "Man, I can do this!". There were so many beautiful heads of hair on both sites...They really gave me the inspiration I needed to grow my own hair.


Since then, I've been growing my hair & taking better care of it. I've stumbled along the way & made mistakes (still making them), but that's how I learned. :-) I was scraping apl by the summer of 2010...#longback  He was the 1st person to congratulate me when I reached apl.

Outfits 14056154021

He even submitted a hairstyle pic last year for Hairstyle Appreciation Day. :-)

Outfits 291

Then we moved to Houston and I found out I was preggie. That's when I wondered if this was the right time to transition to natural. I decided it was. What other time would I not be relaxing my hair for this long?? I told him my plans and he was very supportive....Shocked, but supportive. He may not have agreed, but he supported me-which is the most important thing. In my defense, I did try to 'prepare' him for the day when I would go natural wayyyy back when I started taking better care of my hair. Because of my love for big, curly hair, I knew going natural was inevitable. I just didn't know when I would have the courage to do it! So last fall I started small chopping my hair....I had to do this so I knew I couldn't back out of going natural. The small chops motivated me even more. ;-)

IMG_0137crop IMG_0151crop IMG_0154crop decjanhaircut2 

And then out of the blue on a random Thursday evening (Jan 20th), I big chopped! Initially, I was going to big chop much later, but hey when I cut my hair into that wack hairstyle (remember?) I knew it was time, lol.


Yep, he must love me. :-) Through all of my hair adventures, he's encourages me, listens to me rant & rave when I didn't reach a hair goal, gives me most of the counter space for my hair products, celebrates my hair achievements with me, and is my ready listening ear when I just wanna talk hair. Thank you for all you've been to me & all you continue to be. I love you Reign.

Does your significant other support your hair decisions? 

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TheLeoDuo said...

Thank you to my best friend...I'm not going to cry...

I will always be there for you no matter what. No matter what we go through, always know I am in your corner rooting you on! Congrats on your journey and your continued hair success! I love you!

naturallady said...

I love it, that's what makes being natural so easy. My husband is definitely my biggest fan, who at first did not want me to cut it but after loved it. Sometimes when I get frustrated with it and joke that I am going to get a relaxer he tells me I better not and how much he likes it. I definitely find myself feeling sexier and styling my hair to his liking. Gotta luv the hubby, lol!

LaQT said...

This is such a precious post. I can just feel the love. My husband actually doens't care what I do to my hair as long as I like it and I don't cut it. Turns out I cut it the other day. I am still shocked about my cut, but he is learning to like it.

Bri said...